The mystery of the ocean!

The brides of the ocean

Jellyfishes in gold!

I have worked for several years with fibre clay in the theme of “The mystery of the ocean”. 

The result of this project, that l granted for, in 2007, (by Swedish state’s Art Foundation, two years Works Grant.) I exhibited in different Art Galleries in Sweden and the other Europeans’ countries.

The foto of my work now is printed on fabric in a big scale.

Jellyfishes in gold




The bride af the ocean

Oh God! We went to India

What is India for me? Well, the gods and goddesses´ world, a world of tales and fables...

What is India for me? Well, the gods and goddesses…

Udaipur in India, December 2010. Eight artists rented a house together to work on a project as a group. We would explore impermanence’s way into the art and made our own interpretation of the Hindu Gods.

One of many creative activities consisted in interpreting Indien Gods and Indien mind by taking pictures of each other.

The project has been exhibited 2011-2012 in Sweden at Not Quite and Konstfrämjandet in Karlstad.

Say a prayer


The triptych


A prayer


Fine art print